Digging in the Dirt


The windows are open while we lie in bed. One babe on my chest, one curled into my side, both fighting sleep, both losing. The air outside starts to drop as a welcome breeze pushes the heat of the day away. I can smell the storm rolling in. The clouds surround the house and the rain beats down on our tin roof and my babes drift into deep lovely sleep just as my left arm goes numb. This is the sweet spot.

Life out here on the farm is buggy, challenging, lonely, and there is always something that needs attention. But oh how I love it. It’s  a little slice of heaven for me. The beauty of our clump of earth out here is more then my home its my inspiration, my peace, my future, and my place of contentment. This land holds a piece of me. The longer I live here the more I understand it. There is so much God teaches us when we are on our knees.  Working the earth and tending to the animals I find more reasons to bend, kneel, and lower myself closer to the environment around me. And there I find wisdom, there He teaches me.

I am learning that when I feel strung out, stressed, crazy, and drained I need to dig in the dirt. I long to get on my knees and smell the earth. Get it caked under my nails, fill my lungs with its aroma, and see things sprout to life beneath its soil. It grounds me. Parenting is the hardest kind of work I’ve ever had the privilege to do. It gives me energy and wares me out all at the same time. Being outside with my kiddos helps make our waking and our sleeping a lot sweeter. Parenting is easier when fresh air is involved. Being outside is often a saving grace on long days at home.

So thankful for this spring. The garden has been started, the grass has been cut for the first time, and the rain is steady. These are the days of spring.

Snow turns to mud. Mud turns to humus.And we leave our cocoons of artificial light and heat to breathe the fresh air, feel the sun’s warmth, and plunge our hands into the soil. -Simply in Season Mary Beth Lind

Yahweh, what variety you have created arranging everything so wisely: Earth is completely full of thing you have made. Psalms 104:24

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Adelaide Kennedy


You’re journey as a woman sometimes requires physical pain. Pain through childbirth can be intimidating regardless if you are having your first baby or your fifth.  The experience is similar and different with every baby you have. It is raw and natural, exhausting and thrilling, excruciating and the most fulfilling thing I’ve ever accomplished in life. Every time you feel reborn in a new way. “Being pregnant and giving birth are like crossing a narrow bridge. People can accompany you to the bridge. They can greet you on the other side. But you walk that bridge alone.” African Proverb

On Sunday October 5th around 7:45 as the sun set on a beautiful chilly day, my wide eyed girl was born. My labor was three hours and 15 min which was only 15 min longer than my labor with Ethan which felt incredibly fast. But my baby girls labor felt very different than the first. I prayed that her birth would be unique and her own.  Ethan’s birth story was crazy and miraculous. I didn’t want my daughters entrance into the world to be outshine by her brother.  Ethan’s labor and birth was so fast I never actually believed it was happening until I felt his head moments before he wooshed out into Dustin’s arms on the bathroom floor nearly two years ago. We were completely caught off guard, unprepared, and blissed out at the sight of our incredible son. The midwife didn’t make it in time for Ethan’s birth.  So this time I was convinced I would be on top of it and make sure I knew when it was go time. My midwife was also determined she would not miss catching this baby. Dustin was very obliged to let her to the baby catching this time.

But there I was, at the end of my second pregnancy in labor, on the phone with my midwife, still not convinced this was go time. I had been having mild irregular contractions all day but around 4:30-5 they finally started to organize. By 5:30 they were starting to feel more “real”. My midwife told me she was coming over and that I should go on a brisk walk to get my contractions going. I asked her what she thought as if still not convinced this was it and she said to me “well Christy, I think you are going to have a baby” I told her the contractions just weren’t that painful yet and I wasn’t yet convinced. She replied with “see the problem is if we wait until their painful, it will be to late”.  When she arrived she checked me and said I was at 4 cm but my cervix was melt away to 7 cm. That was at 6:15. We went for a 20 min walk, got in the tub for a bit, paced the kitchen, and suddenly I was forced to my knees with pain. I remember being in so much pain making laps in my kitchen and stopping to look at my midwife to say “Nancy, I’m just so happy you’re here”.

I decided it was time to meet my baby girl so I asked if I could get on the birthing stool. Nancy said “Whatever you want but it will make things more intense”. As soon as I got on and had one contraction I told her I wanted to get off, it was so painful. Nancy looked at me and said “no, you can do this”. I started to push and my water broke and literally the next two contractions she was born, my little 6lbs 1 oz peanut. Exactly the same weight as Ethan. I remember my sister Abbey saying “She’s almost here Christy, I can see her head”.

I quickly delivered the after birth and melted back into Dustin who helped me lie down with my baby girl. I cannot explain the empowerment you feel after giving birth. That exhaustion, pain, adrenaline, satisfaction, contentment, and pure bliss that is like nothing I’ve experienced before. Woman are truly incredible beings. They have the ability to grow, birth, and nourish a human using only their bodies. Every baby and every woman has their own unique birth experience and I am thankful for the journey. There were many things about my labor that were very similar to my labor with Ethan but also many things that were very different. I am so thankful for my body and how God created it to work.

I never set out to have a home birth the first time around but the more I searched for the environment and person I wanted to bring my baby earth side the more all the arrows led me home.  I love never having to decide when to go to the hospital. Its only a matter of when should we call the midwife. Which for me seems to be 5 min ago.

That bridge really is narrow and in the middle of labor it seems daunting and scary, but always rewarding. I may have to cross that narrow bridge down the road again. But for now I am thankful to be on the other side with the pain behind me.


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Everyone is buzzing about fall around here. September has graced us with some beautiful weather. The air feels laced with energy. The leaves haven’t even started changing yet but the sweaters, hot teas, pumpkins, and boots have been busted out. I keep seeing friends and fellow bloggers posting pictures of beautiful new boots, new scented candles, and steamy hot drinks that they are enjoying. My thoughts wonder back to before I had Ethan, before I knew what it was like to be pregnant with a busy toddler. I would have been one of those to post the new boots or buy a new scented candle. I don’t have any fun pictures of fall esque scenes to post, no trendy new boots to show off, no new scented candle to light. Not that I don’t appreciate those things, I would love to have new boots or sit sipping a hot beverage. Instead my thoughts are on preparing for whats ahead. Life with two kids. Living in the wake of that reality has consumed my thoughts and prayers. The crock pot is bubbling with bone broth, the floors clean with rosemary water, my birth box sits full, sorted, organized, ready. I lay in bed at night thinking about life with a new baby, how Ethan will respond to sharing his mama. What will the birth be like, how will I handle the pain, will my midwife make it this time:) I feel the gentle nudge of my son as he snuggles in closer next to me and I relax against him. God is speaking to my heart, He is constant and kind in my every day. He tells me the unknown ahead will be ok and reminds me of how far He has already brought me.  I love the change of seasons in a different way every year.

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Growth on The Farm


I love to write on this blog but I find that I write posts in my head nearly every week but far less actually make it to the screen. Life is good, full, hot, and growing. Summer has settled in and there have been lots of changes around here. There is growth happening every where. Our garden is giving us lots of veggies every day. Ethan doesn’t get that we only pick the ripe ones yet. He thinks its his job to pick everything he sees. He also enjoys taking little bite samples along the way. He is getting so big and so heavy:) He LOVES to be involved in everything Dustin and I are working on. He is busy and wants to be so helpful. Every time I sweep the floor, water the plants, feed the chickens, make dinner he’s right at my heels doing his share. If he’s not doing his share of chores he’s dancing his little heart out around the house. That boy loves music. Any time we turn the tunes on he looks at us with all sorts of mischief in his eyes and starts wiggling his little body.

We got chickens!!! I have been begging Dustin since we moved out to the farm to let us have some chickens. Well last week he bought some from a farm not to far from here and built us the most amazing chicken coop!! Currently we have 5 laying hens and I’ve only managed to name one, her name is Harriet. They are an awesome addition to our little homestead. We’ve been getting 2-3 eggs everyday so far. Ethan is enthralled with them. We go out to visit with them every morning. This summer has been so wonderful out here on the farm. Can’t beat the cool of the evening, swimming in the lake, fresh eggs, home grown tomato, and watching your son love farm life.

In other news of growth and change, I am 27 weeks along and starting to feel round with child. Baby girl is doing wonderful and lets us know her presence daily. She kicks into my side every time I pick up Ethan. Its been different being pregnant this time around through the summer. With Ethan I was pregnant through the winter. I’m learning to take the hot days in stride and enjoy the moments where the breeze blows.

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Life has been challenging the last several months. Our little family unit has been plagued with some emotional and physical challenges that has brought us closer and also to our knees. God’s presence never feels more all consuming to me then in the darkness. His still and quiet voice is constantly speaking in my life and that sustains me. This winter has been hard. The short, dark, cold days have been bleak. I always enjoy winter but this year was hard for me. Just in the past month or so the sky has opened up, the sun warm on our faces, and all the green grass and trees have sprung up. Spring has ushered in a new warmth and hope for the days ahead. I don’t know if I’ve ever needed or longed for spring and summer this much. As this season pours through my soul I feel like a defeated flower blooming in the sun. The earth around me awakens and gives life.

Life is picking up around the farm, we are planting in our garden, fixing, building, and spending as much time as possible with the windows open or barefoot outside. Ethan is loving life. He is learning to run and thinks its the greatest thing. He is his fathers shadow. Dustin can’t get within three feet of the door and Ethan is at his heels asking to go wherever it is Dustin is off too. Which most of the time its down to the garage to tinker with something. Ethan loves to go through Dustin’s tools and “tinker” as well, although he’s a bit more destructive then anything. Oh how I love that boy. With every new stage I always say “oh this is my favorite age”, I never tire of watching him explore. But, for as destructive and busy as he is, he is just as sweet and loves to cuddle. He is a lover.

Spring is such a short incredible time of growth. I am trying to absorb these days before the hot humid summer settles in. Although, I welcome summer with open arms and a tank top on. Anchoring myself in contentment, I look forward to the days ahead. Though the challenges are still with us I can hold fast to His promise that He holds my life in His hands.


Come Thou fount of every blessing
Tune my heart to sing Thy grace
Streams of mercy, never ceasing
Call for songs of loudest praise

Teach me some melodious sonnet
Sung by flaming tongues above
Praise the mount, I’m fixed upon it
Mount of Thy unchanging love

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Picking up Pieces


Ethan picked up one of my favorite mugs yesterday and dropped it down the stairs. Sadly, it broke into several pieces. I started picking up the mess and it hit me how defining a moment it was, picking up broken pieces. Lately I feel like I’ve been doing a lot of that. Ethan’s hurt feelings or broken toys, Dustin’s broken emotions and grief.  My life will be scattered full of moments as a mother and wife to pick up the trail of broken pieces: broken toys, shattered glass, a crushed heart, smashed self confidence. My role has been and will be to pick up the pieces and patch the holes of the broken emotions and objects.  These moments teach us how to rebuild. Its hard to let go of things, tangible or intangible some times its just difficult to face a loss. But learning to absorb the loss helps us to move forward. Absorb the moment, the feeling, the emotion, the memory, the loss, and be angry, sad, distraught, indifferent,  those will be the moments that heal us.

She left pieces of her life behind her everywhere she went. Its easier to feel the sunlight without them, she said- Brain Andreas

But you, be strong and do not let your hands be weak, for your work shall be rewarded- 2 Chronicles 15:7

Your hands have made me and fashioned me; Give me understanding, that I may learn Your commandments- Psalm 119:73


A Few of My Favorite Things


We are in the middle of moving. We are waiting for the certificate of occupancy (our CO) from the inspector so we can officially move in. In the mean time our life is  in transition. The apartment is filled with boxes and our once cozy little space feels bare and cold. We are more than ready to be done with this transition. I am trying to stay focused on things that make me smile.

Here are a few of my favorite things lately-

My son- he is a wonderful distraction. He keeps me laughing all the time. When he’s happy, sad, keeps me up until mid night, or wakes me up at 3 am, chucks my phone in the tub full of water, or unpacks every moving box I pack, I adore him and every moment he adds to my life.

A cup of hot coffee in the morning- my brother just brought us a bag of coffee from mexico from his bother in laws coffee shop. Its freshly roasted and SO yummy. It makes me smile.

Clean clothes- living with two boys keeps my house full of odd smells so its lovely when they both put on a clean shirt and smell so good.

My husbands laugh- although it is a rare magical unicorn these days, but when I hear him laugh it instantly fills my heart with happiness. He battles with his grief daily and drains him of all the things I love about him. Its a struggle to watch him go through this. It will get better, its just not better yet.

Donating things- its amazing what you accumulate over the years. I enjoy purging closets and bins in our house. It feels wonderful to toss things to create space and organization around here.


Soon our house will be complete and this transition will be over. We will be head over heels for our new space! But in this moment things don’t feel that way. We’ll get there, we just aren’t there yet

photo (4)image (7) 

image (8) photo (5)   Sneak peak of the new kitchen.